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Other Home & Garden Products
Main Features:-u00a0Newly Upgraded Version! What's remain unchanged: accurate, precise weather and humidity forecasts with record min / max values; 12 / 24-hour format; dual alarm clock ( snooze option ); date and calendar; indoor and outdoor temperature alerts; trend arrow; reception and low batter..
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Main Features:u25cf Working environment temperature: 10 u2103 ~ 40 u2103;u25cf Relative temperature of working environment: u226485%;u25cf Power supply: DC3V (2 AA batteries not included ).u25cf Basic size: 87mm u00d7 43mm u00d7 148mm (length u00d7 width u00d7 height).u25cf LCD display accuracy: 0.1..
Ex Tax:$91.72
Infrared Pulse Antipruritic Stick Infrared Pulse Antipruritic Stick
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Main features:- Built-in linear motor, vibration massage relieves itching greatly, comfortable to use - Infrared pulse technology, the itch will stop at 10 seconds after using this product, fast and good- One button to stop the itch, it is simple to use- There are 2 levels of precise temperature, su..
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Main features:- Flower fragrance paper, natural and pleasant smell, no pungent odor- Made of the naturally degradable and eco-friendly material, skin-friendly- Mini portable box, suitable for outdoor use- Good helper for keeping hands clean and healthy 0.0210 Package w..
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Description: It is said that two out of three people like side sleeping best. Are you a side sleeper? Normally, side sleeping is highly helpful to your health. The benefits of sleeping on the side are twofold. It will help to breathe smoothly, plus it can boost the circulation of blood if you sleep ..
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Main Features: Fits for SMOK TFV12 Atomizer Material: glass Size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.5cm Material: Glass 0.007 Package weight: 0.040 kg Product size (L x W x H): 2.70 x 2.70 x 2.50 cm / 1.06 x 1.06 x 0.98 inches Pa..
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Main Features:u25cf The transparent goggles anti fly ash, anti-splash saliva, safety soft material.u25cf u00a0Impact resistance, visual clarity.u25cf u00a0Fully enclosed. Material: Silicone Package weight: 0.054 kg Package size (L x W ..
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Main Features:u25cf Quickly eliminate 99.99% of germs, 20 UVC LED beads.u25cf Suitable for various materials, sterilized anytime, anywhere, foldable and portable.u25cf It is recommended to keep a close distance of 3cm and sweep evenly for 2 seconds.u25cf USB charging, built-in lithium battery 2500mA..
Ex Tax:$119.75
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